100% vegan.
100% natural.
100% biodegradable.
0% plastic.

Our Loofah Soap Dish is the perfect match for our solid soaps. It is plastic-free and completely biodegradable.

What is "loofah" anyway? The material for our Loofah Soap Dish is obtained from the ripe sponge gourd, also called loofah cucumber. Our Loofah Soap Dish is 100% free of industrial, chemical material and also vegan. It absorbs the excess moisture from the soap, which means that it does not go moldy and that you can enjoy your favorite soap for a long time. Insider tip: The loofah dish is versatile, for example you can also use it as a sponge for cleaning the bathroom.

  • Before first using the Loofah Soap Dish, you should rinse it thoroughly with water once and then let it dry. This step is necessary to prevent it from becoming moldy. After that, however, the Loofah Soap Dish is 100% ready to use and can hardly wait to accommodate the first soap.

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