About us


"Do good to your body, so that your soul may delight in it". (Teresa de Ávila)

 We are a small team of health & natural lifestyle enthusiasts, who come from many different countries. Our headquarters is based in Hannover, Germany, where most of the magic happens. Part of our team is also situated on the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain (p.s. This is one of the reasons why we offer products handmade exclusively in Mallorca). Hazeva was started as a dedication to someone who we loved deeply but is unfortunately no longer with us. Through hazeva, we want to spread the message that there is nothing more important than our health - physical and mental. This belief also embodies our mission as a company - to allow everyone to truly enjoy and feel the power of nature through our products. We wish to build our community of customers while being fully transparent about everything we do - starting from what we put inside our products to how they are made and shipped.  All of our products are derived directly from nature, they are cruelty-free and ship climate-neutral via GO-GREEN shipping. The packaging we have chosen contains a minimum amount of plastic (only in some products and where absolutely necessary due to no other alternatives available at the moment). Therefore we can proudly say that most of our packaging comes under the zero-waste label. With few exceptions, our shopping portfolio is entirely vegan too. Next to our online shop available in 3 languages (English, German and Spanish) we are also building our trilingual Blog, in which we will share everything we deem important regarding health - from beauty tips and tricks, healthy lifestyle topics, and also insides on our personal health journeys.

If you wish to say Hi or just have an idea about a health topic you wish to be discussed, drop your message at info@hazeva.com at any time! We love to hear back from you! If you want to virtually meet us - then keep reading!