10 Nouranour make-up remover pads.
100% organic cotton - GOTS certified.
100% recyclable and biodegradable.
Handmade by the Nouranour association for refugee women.

Nouranour reusable pads are ideal to help you effectively remove make-up from your face, eyes and lips. Our pads are made from 100% organic cotton which makes them the perfect choice for removing make-up and gently cleansing the skin of your face with exceptional care. These pads are the ideal alternative to conventional disposable cotton pads and they are a perfect way to contribute to protecting the environment.


Moisten a make-up remover pads with your usual make-up remover and use it to cleanse your skin. Hand wash with soap and water after each use. For a more thorough wash, place in a washing bag at your convenience. Machine washable at up to 60 °C.



We are pleased to have a partner in nouranour at our side whose idea we are very happy to support. "Nour" stands for "light" and "noura" is the equivalent in Latin. Both words together stand for a form of togetherness and are formative for nouranour.

Behind the intercultural team at Nouranour are personalities with diverse skills and a passion for culture, fashion, sustainability and our society.

The main topics are: Childcare - to give mothers access to professional prospects. "Signal of youth" - digital learning promotion and support in language development.

The products from Nouranour fit perfectly into our product range, as they are handmade, sustainably produced and made from natural or recycled fabrics only - from the first draft to the last seam.

Visit the Nouranour website: https://www.nouranour.org