100% organic slightly toasted chopped carob grown in Mallorca

300g chopped carob in resealable paper bag

Satiating and energising, yet free of caffeine, theine or other stimulants


- Rich in fibre and minerals, such as magnesium and calcium
- Low fat, no saturated fats
- No added sugar
- Gluten free
- Natural product
- Vegan


In a coffee maker put 25 grams per 250 ml of water and brew like normal coffee.


The cultivation of carob has a long tradition in the Mediterranean region. The wild form probably originates from Arabia, but the carob tree was already cultivated by the ancient Egyptians in the 2nd millennium BC. The tree is extremely frugal, grows on dry, calcareous soils without irrigation, is resistant to salt and can therefore also be cultivated in coastal regions that are otherwise not very arable. Its deep roots protect the soil from erosion, its spreading crown provides shade for grazing animals in summer and offers many wild animals a year-round habitat, as it does not shed its leaves in winter. Harvesting is done purely by hand, as the trunk and branches of the tree are hard and inflexible due to the dry conditions and the tree would be severely damaged by tree shakers usually used for harvesting. The fruits are instead beaten from the trees with sticks. The cultivation of the carob tree is therefore very sustainable throughout the entire production cycle.

The carob products by Johannis Mallorca are produced with lots of love by a family whose life has been connected to their carob trees for three generations already. The current generation has made it their goal to make the fruit known as a sustainable and healthy alternative to many everyday food products such as sugar, coffee and tea.