Contains 50 ml.
100% vegan.
100% natural, without preservatives.

With an Organic certification by the Spanish Association for Ecological and Natural Cosmetics (ACENE).

Handmade body and face oil, produced from organic virgin almond oil and organic essential oils from Sóller - Mallorca. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.Not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant, or breastfeeding women, except for the ALMOND YOU! - SENSITIVE, which only contains pure organic sweet almond oil and no essential oils.


Our oils are lovingly handmade in a process called "first cold pressing". This preserves the valuable heat-sensitive ingredients. For the production of the oil, mechanical processes are carried out at low temperatures to ensure that the properties of the oil are not altered and it retains its aroma and purity.

Our ALMOND YOU! - Body Oil is especially moisturising and has an incomparable softness. Together with the different essential oils it makes a refreshing combination.

Different properties of essential oils:

Lemon - refreshing as well as having antiseptic, bactericidal, and toning properties.

Orange - refreshing and soothing combination.

Lavenderrelaxing and calming effect.

Almond - no scent, suitable for the most sensitive including baby skin.

What it does NOT contain: Parabens, EDTA, PEG, artificial colors and preservatives, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, mineral oil products, silicones.


Press the dispenser into the palm of your hand, apply to the skin of the face, body or hair and massage for better absorption. Store in a dry place, protected from light and heat.


Lemon Tree (Lemon): Organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic lemon essential oil. INCI: Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil, citrus limon peel oil, citrus limon peel extract, citral*, limonene*, linalool*.

Orange Soda (Orange): Organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic orange essential oil. INCI: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, citrus sinensis peel extract, citral*, limonene*, linalool*. *Natural component of essential oils.

Lavender Life (Lavender): Organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic lavender essential oil. INCI: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, lavandula hybrida abrial oil, lavandula hybrida flower extract, coumarin*, geraniol*, limonene*, linalool*.

Sensitive (pure almond oil - no added scent): Organic sweet almond virgin oil. INCI: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil. *Natural component of essential oils


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