100% natural.
100% Sisal.
100% vegan.
100% biodegradable.
0% plastic.

Our soap bag is perfect for storing solid soap / soap bars. It is 100 % vegan and biodegradable!


Our Sisal Soap Bag is made from the natural fiber "sisal", which is extracted from the leaves of the sisal agave plant. With the attached ribbon, you can easily hang it up in the shower or bathtub. This allows excess water to drip off easily and the soap to dry. But that's not all: you can also use it to lather up the soap and give your skin a soothing massage with a peeling effect. This promotes blood circulation, helps to prevent / reduce cellulite and gently removes dead skin cells. To remove soap residues, you can simply wash the Soap Bag by hand or in the washing machine (via the hand wash programme).


Put the soap in the soap bag and hang it up in the shower/bathtub. Next time you wash your body, use the soap bag to lather up the soap and gently scrub your body with it.


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