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Hair care and how to help it grow faster

Hair care and how to help it grow faster

In this article:

01 / Lifestyle choices.

02 / Over-washing.

03 / Cold wraps after washing.

04 / The correct way of combing.

05 / Do the haircut! 

Nowadays, in order to feel and look good, it is extremely important to maintain the good appearance of our hairstyle as well as the vitality of our hair. Each one of us has developed some personal habits that we follow when it comes to hair care. However, the big problem occurs when in our effort to have a "perfect" hairstyle, we wear out our hair, which can then take years to fully recover. A number of factors affect the health of your hair, from your lifestyle to how you comb it and whether you use the right products. Let's take a closer look at the main hair care considerations! 

01 / Lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle isn't just of particular concern when it comes to your hair. Depending on your habits, you may also notice problems with your skin, bones, nails, or the overall functionality of your body in general. It is of utmost importance that you supply your body with all the vitamins it needs and start taking them mostly through food. Try to avoid foods containing too many sugars, preservatives and salt and replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The most suitable food items that stimulate hair growth and maintain its strength and vitality are eggs, carrots, spinach, berries, tomatoes and peppers, and as for meat, protein-rich ones such as chicken and turkey are preferable. It is a good idea to take more vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits - oranges, grapefruit and lemons, for example - and especially to drink no less than a litre and a half of water a day!

02 / Do not over-wash your hair.

It is a misconception that washing your hair regularly keeps it healthy and vibrant. Excessive washing actually prevents the natural oils present in the scalp from hydrating the hair and the opposite effect occurs - in most cases, the hair becomes dry and frizzy. The best option is to wash your hair no more than 2 times a week, using the right products for you. To do this, it's a good idea to first determine your hair type - whether it's oily, dry or normal, and you can even think further about whether your hair is straight, brittle or curly. The important thing is to find the shampoo that will work best for you, and also use a conditioner that will make combing easier and prevent excessive tangling of the hair. If you have coloured hair, it's a good idea to use an oxidant-free treated hair product that will keep your colour more vibrant and rich. 

03 / Do your "cold wraps" after washing.

Most of us are fans of warm baths and hot showers, but that doesn't mean they're good for our hair. Excessive heat, not only from straighteners and blow dryers, but also from the water we bathe in, can cause breakage and warping of the hair structure. Of course, this doesn't mean that washing with hot water is 100% harmful - it  helps to fully remove dirt from the hair and oil, and will "open up" the hair shaft for the conditioner to be applied, which will nourish the hair in depth. The best solution is to wash your hair with warm water when applying the shampoo and with tolerably cool water after using the conditioner - this will retain the moisture from the conditioner, closing the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair shaft and leaving your hair looking more vibrant and nourished.

04 / The correct way of combing is VITAL.

There are several ways of combing that have a very negative impact on the health of your hair. The first of these is combing in the direction from the root to the ends of the hair - this way you predispose your hair to further split on the ends. Instead, try by starting at the ends and gradually working your way towards the roots. It's important to comb gently and thoroughly, without unnecessary tugging that will further damage the hair. 

Another mistake is to try to comb when your hair is still wet - although in practice it is considerably easier to comb your hair when it is damp, this habit causes more damage to your hair than you ever thought. When your hair's wet, it becomes saturated with water and stretched, resulting in hair that is much more prone to breakage and tangling and is most vulnerable to damage. The best option is to comb your hair before you wash it, or if you insist on combing it while it's wet, to do it with your fingers and with the help of conditioner or crystals to make the process easier. 

It's a good idea not to over-comb in general because, instead of keeping your hair in good shape, it can have the opposite effect and, as a result of over-pulling and over-electrifying, the hair can become frizzy and lose its natural shine. Of course, regular cleaning of the brushes and combs you use is a must - otherwise, cells and bacteria will find refuge in your hair, damaging the health of your hair altogether.  

05 / Get a haircut more often.

When you remove split ends regularly, you'll prevent your hair from breaking too much and it will become stronger, more resilient and also grow faster. It's a good idea to cut your hair every 5 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair is growing. Many people take extra vitamins to stimulate growth, but don't forget all the other things listed above. 

We should also not lightly overlook the fact that hair growth and performance varies from person to person, and while some people's hair grows 1-2 inches a month, others may grow the same length over a period of two months or more. It's important to have the patience and willpower to change the way you look, and most importantly, your own health!

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